a full product range that ensures high-quality standards for the care, beauty and cleaning of pets and their environment.

Tidy, Loved, Scented !

Dogs, Cats, Birds and Rodents.


the Tewua brand was born in 1999 thanks to the intuition and passion of Gabriele Avitabile, who widened the horizons of the company to the world of Pet Care. The company’s success has been a result of its accumulation of twenty years of experience in the pet product market as well as result of the company’s value-driven philosophy of producing effective products, high-quality service and competitive prices whilst taking in to consideration the company’s impact on the global environment. Technologically advanced systems aimed at reaching high standards of production output (over 20,000 pieces per day).  A 2500 sq. m. warehouse with a large production capacity, allowing for on-time deliveries. Research and development laboratory, continuous quality test control and appropriate product formulas  that are compliant with current regulations. Dynamically organized sales network with head area, exclusive agents and distributors able to offer an excellent service on all the national territory.  The company’s foreign office is constantly working to spread the company’s high-quality products throughout Europe and all over the world; countries include, but not limited to Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Israel, China). Industrial capacity and organizational flexibility are the elements that underpin Tewua’s ability to operate efficiently and satisfy customer’s requests in a timely manner.


Shampoo, Conditioners, Dry Shampoo, Brushing Lotions, Treatment Fur-Skin-Hygiene, Perfumes, Deodorants, Enviromental Hygiene, Professional Line.

To fulfill each product’s desired purpose, whilst providing innovative and high-quality cosmetics, we use natural ingredients and raw materials, which are registered and approved by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


It meets the needs of professional groomers, offering a complete range, suitable for any type of mantle. Specific solutions for specific problems. This has always been our philosophy.