Chemical research, development and patents made from highly specialized formula, constantly adapting to current standards.
Large storage capacity and also arranged for on-time deliveries.
Quality Control Laboratory, which manages over 2000 components and carriers-out over 50 controls a day.
Marketing and internal communication enabling a rapid development of the packaging, catalogs and brochures in foreign languages.
Full technical, graphic and legal service support for private label production.
Dynamically organized sales network with area manager and agents.

Experience in the formulation of useful and reliable.
Wide and complete range of technologically advanced products.
Manufacture zero defects.
Great ability to respond swiftly to specific needs.
Respecting the needs of consumers and the environment.
Continuous training of human resources.
Constant presence of personnel in the field of chemistry.

Print and online advertising on magazines and websites.
Trading in fairs in Italy and abroad like dog-shows.
Customer satisfaction oriented. Sales points, display, demonstration samples, pall-boxes, brochures, posters, retailers, artworks, product sheets and technical safety standards for evidence.

On-going research formulating new product compenents in line with market demands. Technologically advanced systems to achieve high standards of quality.

Production process inprovement to benefit competitive prices. Incresed auto-products exporting in 12 countries.
Developing the activity of TEWUA products to increase range of leadership.

Attention to details, design full-service.


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